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Table 2 75 porcineS. suisisolates evaluated with the pathotyping tool.

From: Population structure, genetic diversity and pathotypes of Streptococcus suis isolated during the last 13 years from diseased pigs in Switzerland

  1. Isolates were chosen based on the fact of an unequivocal link of etiologically relevant S. suis diseased or non-disease-associated pigs. Pathotyping results, which did not correspond to the results obtained by histopathological findings, are indicated in red.* indicates two isolates, which were included in the evaluation although a record of histopathological findings was missing, but due to evident bacteriological findings and appropriate anamnesis, strains were evaluated as relevant. mrp variants identified: mrpS (747 bp), mpr (1148 bp), mrp* (1556 bp), mrp*** (2400 bp). epf* represents a large variant of epf, which was detected only in one isolate (19-1715-1). +* relates to the pathotyping tool representing a variant PCR product of copper exporting ATPase gene.
  2. aNontypeable.
  3. bNot determined (nd): one lacking housekeeping gene.
  4. cNo clonal complex could be assigned for ST that occurred as singletons (S) or with no determined founder (ndf).
  5. dUngroupable: allele missing.
  6. eNovel: allel combination not described for MCG sequencing typing by Zheng et al. [42].
  7. fWileman et al. [31].