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Table 2 Antibody panel used for immunostaining of CFSE-labelled splenocytes after specific stimulation withE. cuniculispores or cultivation in cell culture medium only.

From: Characterization of humoral and cell-mediated immunity in rabbits orally infected with Encephalitozoon cuniculi

No. of tube CD molecule Isotype Clone Source Secondary antibody
1 CD8 IgG2a IS27A VMRD Inc., USA R-PE
  CD4 IgG1 RTH1A VMRD Inc., USA AF 647
2 pT IgG1 RTH21A VMRD Inc., USA R-PE
3 IgM IgG1 MCA812G Serotec AF 647
4 CD14 IgG1 CAM36A VMRD Inc., USA AF 647
  CD45 IgG2a ISC18A VMRD Inc., USA R-PE
  1. Goat anti-mouse conjugates of appropriate subisotypes (Southern Biotechnology Assoc. Inc., Birmingham, USA) were used as secondary antibodies. CFSE-labelled cells without any primary or secondary antibodies and with appropriate isotype-matched controls were added to separate tubes for each antibody used and included in flow cytometry analysis.