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Table 2 Phenotypic and functional characteristics of splenic MRC1loMHCIIhiand MRC1hiMHCIIlomonocyte/macrophage lineage cells during steady state and inflammatory conditions

From: Characterization of splenic MRC1hiMHCIIlo and MRC1loMHCIIhi cells from the monocyte/macrophage lineage of White Leghorn chickens

 Characteristics MRC1loMHCIIhi MRC1hiMHCIIlo
Phenotype High MHCII, MHCI, CD80 High MRC1
Macrophages signature genes* ↑↑
Phagocytosis ↑↑
Migration ↑↑
Proportion Decreased Increased
Phenotype change Decreased MRC1 Increased granularity
Decreased MHCII
Cytokines ↑↑
Bactericidal activity ↑↑
  1. The last four lines represent the characteristics of splenic MRC1loMHCIIhi and MRC1hiMHCIIlo cells during LPS-induced inflammation.