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Table 2 Comparison of PUCV and HYV neutralisation titres for control and selected bovine field sera.

From: Hayes Yard virus: a novel ephemerovirus isolated from a bull with severe clinical signs of bovine ephemeral fever is most closely related to Puchong virus

SerumDescriptionNeutralisation titre
a-PUCVPUCV immune mouse ascites fluid (IMAF)1/25601/640
a-BEFVBovine serum—vaccinated against BEFVa
164 066Bovine serum—ELISA-positive to KIMV
ELISA-negative to PUCV
163 862Bovine serum—weak ELISA-positive to PUCV
164 934Bovine serum—strong ELISA-positive to PUCV1/201/160
158 733Bovine serum—ELISA-positive to PUCV (recent seroconversion)1/20
  1. aA titre of < 1/20 was considered negative.