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Table 6 Concentrations of SCFAs measured in cecum of broilers in the second trial

From: Effect of in feed administration of different butyrate formulations on Salmonella Enteritidis colonization and cecal microbiota in broilers

 Dietary treatment
ControlFat-protected butyrateWax
Butyrate (mM) (SD)8.48a (2.69)12.45b (3.94)13.45b (3.32)
% butyrate/total SCFA (SD)15.02a (2.75)18.39b (2.89)27.16c (4.37)
Acetate (mM) (SD)47.55a (14.12)52.2a (9.74)34.4b (7.65)
% acetate/total SCFA (SD)82.70a (3.46)78.71b (2.80)69.09c (4.45)
Propionate (mM) (SD)1.25a (0.51)1.87b (0.69)1.83b (0.56)
% propionate/total SCFA (SD)2.29a (1.00)2.89ab (1.20)3.75b (1.28)
Total SCFA (SD)57.29ab (16.4)67.27a (13.23)49.67b (9.80)
  1. The broilers were fed a diet either or not supplemented with a butyrate containing feed additive in a concentration of 3 g/kg of sodium butyrate radical. Each dietary treatment consisted of 2 pens of 20 broilers. Measurements of SCFA concentrations were done at the age of 21 days after 4 days of Salmonella infection.
  2. Significant differences for SCFA concentrations or percentages among dietary treatments are indicated with different letters per row (a, b).