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Table 2 Colonization of cecum and spleen bySalmonellaEnteritidis strain 147 in the first trial

From: Effect of in feed administration of different butyrate formulations on Salmonella Enteritidis colonization and cecal microbiota in broilers

  Dietary treatment
Control Fat-protected butyrate Uncoated butyrate Wax Wax+ Micropellets Tributyrin
Mean cecum (SD) 3.63a (1.27) 2.56ab (1.63) 3.45a (1.15) 1.56b (1.75) 2.87ab (2.25) 3.87a (1.76) 2.81ab (1.06)
Mean spleen (SD) 2.30 (0.79) 1.34 (1.08) 1.65 (0.87) 1.18 (1.05) 0.90 (1.03) 1.68 (1.10) 1.56 (1.13)
  1. Mean log CFU/g cecum and spleen values and standard deviation (SD) are shown at 4 dpi with 105 CFU Salmonella. Broilers were fed a diet either or not supplemented with a butyrate containing feed additive in a concentration of 3 g/kg of sodium butyrate.
  2. Significant differences for cecum colonization among groups are indicated with different letters (a, b). No differences for spleen colonization was detected.