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Table 5 Relative abundance of the most representative genus in the colonic microbiota of weaned piglets

From: Capsulized faecal microbiota transplantation ameliorates post-weaning diarrhoea by modulating the gut microbiota in piglets

Items FMT treatment SEM P value
Lactobacillus 0.138a 0.712b 0.018 0.013
Campylobacter 0.042b 0.012a 0.006 0.042
Methanobrevibacter 0.004a 0.010b 0.001 0.026
  1. Metastats analysis was used to identify the significantly differentially abundant species.
  2. n = 12 (values are the means of 12 replicates per treatment, the same below). CON: control group, FMT: faecal microbial transplantation group.
  3. a,b In the same row, values with different letter superscripts indicate significant differences.