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Table 1 Effects of faecal microbial capsules on growth performance and diarrhoeal occurrence in piglets

From: Capsulized faecal microbiota transplantation ameliorates post-weaning diarrhoea by modulating the gut microbiota in piglets

ItemsFMT treatmentSEMP value
Growth performance
 Initial BW (kg)6.556.550.0191.000
 Final BW (kg)11.4711.910.1390.118
 ADFI (g/day)418.33426.048.4400.655
 ADG (g/day)234.70255.416.5560.116
 F/G (g/g)1.81b1.67a0.0330.034
Diarrhoeal occurrence
 Diarrhoea index (%)12.20b5.95a1.218< 0.01
 Diarrhoea ratio (%)5.65b2.08a0.8930.043
  1. n = 16. CON: control group, FMT: faecal microbial transplantation group, ADG: average weight gain, ADFI: average daily feed intake, F/G: the ratio of feed to gain.
  2. a,b In the same row, values with different letter superscripts mean significant difference.