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Table 6 Gene expression in the ileal tissues of 42-day-old turkeys fed diets with different arginine (Arg) to lysine (Lys) ratios and a high methionine (Met) level, challenged withClostridium perfringens—(Experiment 2).

From: The effect of different dietary ratios of lysine and arginine in diets with high or low methionine levels on oxidative and epigenetic DNA damage, the gene expression of tight junction proteins and selected metabolic parameters in Clostridium perfringens-challenged turkeys

Arg90*Infection (−)0.7940.0050.3750.1840.003
Arg90*Infection (+)1.9180.0221.1450.6660.011
Arg100*Infection (−)0.8410.0060.3850.1720.003
Arg100*Infection (+)2.4850.0141.5900.5450.009
Arg110*Infection (−)0.8380.0050.3680.2830.003
Arg110*Infection (+)2.2530.0141.2190.6160.007
Arg level,  %
C. perfringens infection1
P value
 Arg × infection0.2370.0780.3010.6540.283
  1. Diets contained three levels of Arg relative to Lys (90, 100 and 110%; Arg90, Arg100 and Arg110, respectively) and a high level of Met (45% dietary Lys).
  2. 1At 34, 36 and 37 days of age, birds were infected with 1 mL (per os directly into the crop) of a culture medium of C. perfringens type A strain 56 containing approximately 108 CFU/mL of bacteria. a,bMeans within a row with different superscripts differ significantly (P < 0.05).