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Table 2 HVT and CVI988/Rispens-induced differentially expressed microRNAs in bursae within each line (63and 72) of chickens 26-days post HVT or CVI988/Rispens inoculation after hatch

From: Marek’s disease vaccines-induced differential expression of known and novel microRNAs in primary lymphoid organ bursae of White Leghorn

miRNA_ID HVT-induced Rispens-induced Rispens/HVT induced
Line_63 Line_63 Line_72 Line_63 Line_72
log2 FC p value FDR log2 FC p value FDR log2 FC p value FDR log2 FC p value FDR log2 FC p value FDR
novelMiR_203_4 −8.68 1.33E−06 9.62E−04        9.36 9.72E−27 1.04E−24    
novelMiR_396 −6.09 2.58E−04 4.68E−02        6.05 1.40E−05 5.25E−04    
novelMiR_483 3.27 1.35E−04 3.26E−02        −4.13 3.84E−07 1.92E−05    
novelMiR_909 7.63 1.20E−05 4.34E−03        −7.67 3.48E−06 1.54E−04    
gga-mir-205b     3.49 1.06E−04 6.39E−03          
novelMiR_1232     3.14 7.65E−04 4.27E−02     3.63 4.76E−06 1.99E−04    
novelMiR_1241     3.90 5.01E−06 3.49E−04     4.39 1.03E−09 6.46E−08    
novelMiR_1251     10.77 1.60E−134 1.16E−131 −10.01 4.52E−05 3.43E−02 11.26 3.05E−192 2.29E−189 −11.45 1.80E−07 1.37E−04
novelMiR_1279_1     5.44 2.22E−15 2.69E−13     5.94 1.64E−25 1.37E−23    
novelMiR_1279_2     5.44 2.22E−15 2.69E−13     5.94 1.64E−25 1.37E−23    
novelMiR_145_1     3.12 1.37E−27 3.31E−25     4.02 9.52E−61 1.79E−58    
novelMiR_145_2     3.12 1.32E−27 3.31E−25     4.02 9.00E−61 1.79E−58    
novelMiR_215     −4.69 2.14E−10 1.72E−08     −5.10 4.76E−13 3.25E−11 3.21 1.70E−04 4.29E−02
novelMiR_459     5.24 5.29E−06 3.49E−04     4.63 3.15E−08 1.82E−06    
novelMiR_488     3.06 3.05E−11 2.76E−09     6.79 4.75E−42 7.14E−40    
novelMiR_5     3.52 5.45E−19 9.88E−17     4.69 7.49E−28 9.38E−26    
novelMiR_52     3.21 3.74E−12 3.88E−10     4.11 2.74E−16 2.06E−14    
novelMiR_100_1           3.35 4.03E−04 1.08E−02    
novelMiR_100_2           3.35 4.03E−04 1.08E−02    
novelMiR_1304           2.72 1.73E−03 4.49E−02    
novelMiR_451           4.02 1.20E−07 6.43E−06    
novelMiR_476           3.53 3.44E−04 9.94E−03    
novelMiR_507_1           3.41 4.21E−05 1.32E−03    
novelMiR_507_2           3.37 2.80E−05 1.00E−03    
novelMiR_507_3           3.41 4.21E−05 1.32E−03    
novelMiR_507_4           3.41 4.21E−05 1.32E−03    
novelMiR_60           −3.75 1.32E−05 5.22E−04    
novelMiR_97_1           1.51 2.20E−06 1.03E−04    
novelMiR_97_2           9.05 1.15E−93 4.33E−91