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Table 1 Distribution of clinical signs observed within the last month before euthanasia

From: Goats naturally devoid of PrPC are resistant to scrapie

Clinical signScrapie-positive goats (PRNP+/+ and PRNP+/Ter)Scrapie-negative goats (PRNPTer/Ter)Barnard’s test p value
Scratch test, positive7/80/40.006
Teeth grinding6/80/40.019
Head tests, overreactivity6/80/40.019
Menace response, decreased5/80/4NS (0.056)
Aggression4/80/4NS (0.100)
Swallowing reflex, reduced4/80/4NS (0.100)
Depression2/80/4NS (0.425)
Ataxia1/80/4NS (0.887)
  1. NS: not significant.