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Figure 4

From: Goats naturally devoid of PrPC are resistant to scrapie

Figure 4

PrPSc immunohistochemistry of the CNS and peripheral tissues. A In the olfactory lobe, distinct granular PrPSc labeling of mitral cells was observed, but also neuropil and glial labeling involving the other layers was found. B In thalamus, there is moderate to marked PrPSc labeling that is mainly found in the neuropil. C There is marked PrPSc accumulation in the neuropil of the dorsal horn of both PRNP+/+ and PRNP+/Ter goats. D There is sparse to moderate labelling of both neurons and surrounding satellite cells in the trigeminal ganglion. E A follicle in the retropharyngeal lymph node of a PRNP+/+ goat is PrPSc positive, while this lymph node was negative in the heterozygous group. AE There was no accumulation of PrPSc in the CNS or peripheral tissues in any of the PRNPTer/Ter goats. Magnification: A ×400; B, D, E ×200; C ×100.

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