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Table 1 Percentage of Salmonella positive ileocaecal lymph nodes and faecal samples of vaccinated and control pigs

From: A DIVA vaccine strain lacking RpoS and the secondary messenger c-di-GMP for protection against salmonellosis in pigs

 Post weaningSlaughter age
No. (%) positivesaNo. (%) positivesaNo. (%) positivesaNo. (%) positivesa
Control pigs10/10 (100)10/10 (100)4/10 (40)8/10 (80)
Vaccinated pigs8/12 (66.6)10/12 (83.3)2/12 (16.6)5/12 (41.6)
  1. aNo. and percentage of Salmonella positive samples.
  2. bStatistical significance (P values) between control vs vaccinated groups was analyzed using Contingency tables for non-parametric data (Fisher’s exact test).
  3. cRelative risk.