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Table 2 PrPres parameters that differentiate TSE-types in goats

From: Four types of scrapie in goats differentiated from each other and bovine spongiform encephalopathy by biochemical methods

PrPres parameter CS-1 CS-2 CS-CH1641 BSE AS
 M%/D% ratio, Sha31 High (> 0.3) High (> 0.3) High (> 0.3) Low (< 0.2) NA
 N%, Sha31 High (> 8%) High (> 8%) High (> 8%) Low (< 8%) NA
N-terminus levelb
 Normal PK: 12B2/Sha31 ratio High (0.8–1.3) Interm. (0.3–0.7) Low (< 0.2) Low (< 0.2) NA
 High PK: P4/SAF84 ratio High (1.4-4) Interm. (0.2–1.3) ND ND NA
 High PK: A’/A ratio, SAF34 + Bar224 High (> 0.3) High (> 0.3) ND Low (0.8–1.3) minute ( 0.8)
kDa (N-band)c
 Triplex-WB, Sha31 19.9–21.6 19.3–20.6 18.5–19.5e 18.5–19.5 NA
 ISS-WB, SAF84 17.5 17.5 16–17 16–17 8
Triplet profile, SAF84/Sha31 ratio at 22– 24 kDa Single Single Double Single Absent
Core stability: SAF84 and L42 Low Low Low High NA
PrP C-terminus ~ 154–234d Present Present Present Present Absent
  1. Nine parameters of PrPSc obtained after differential PK digestion of TSE infected goat brain and WB. Epitope location determines the outcome. The italic texts indicate differences between CS-1 and CS-2. Between parentheses are the ranges in quantitative values as obtained in Triplex-WB (Sha31 related), ISS-WB (SAF84 related) or ELISA (SAF34 + Bar224 related). The ranges are relative to the different categories, not absolute, and should be compared per experiment with proper controls (BSE, CS-1, CS-2, CS-CH1641). ND: analysis not done, NA: not applicable due to absence of a classical PrPres triplet. These typing tests may well work also on sheep TSE samples
  2. aGlycoprofile estimated by ISS-WB with SAF84 did show similar discriminatory properties as with Sha31 for C-1, CS-2, and CH1641 M/D values > 0.4 and BSE < 0.4, and N percentages for CS > 13% and BSE < 13%
  3. bResult with 12B2/Sha31 from Triplex-WB, P4/SAF84 from ISS-WB and SAF34 + Bar224 from CEA ELISA
  4. cThese two rows represent the same differentiating parameter. Differences between ISS-WB and Triplex-WB in molecular mass values are due to use of different gel systems and molecular mass standards
  5. dAbsence of PrP region ~ 154–234 is based on presence of Sha31 epitope and absence of SAF84 epitope corroborating interpretations by Pirisinu et al. [45]
  6. eThe molecular mass of the N-fraction of PrPres#1 triplet is estimated to be 18.5 kDa, and that of the PrPres#2 triplet 10 kDa (see Figure 2).