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Table 1 Goat sample codes and details and final outcome of the TSE typing study

From: Four types of scrapie in goats differentiated from each other and bovine spongiform encephalopathy by biochemical methods

Study code Country Identity # Breed [region]a Age (year)a Genotypeb Molecular TSE-type
I2 IT 114921/1/1 Camosciata [Piedmond] 10 240PP CS-2
I3 121429/1/1 Meticcia [Sicily] 5 240PP CS-2
I4 128710/1/1 Saanen [Lombardy] 3 211QR, 240PS CS-2
I5 17646/1/1 Meticcia [Sicily] 5 240PP CS-2
I7 85788/1/1 Meticcia [Sicily] > 1.5 240PP CS-2
I9 85792/1/1 Meticcia [Sicily] 6 143HR, 240PS CS-2
I11 117463/1/1 Meticcia [Emilia-Romagna] 9 240PS CS-2
I12 144508/1/1 Alpina [Apulia] 5 240PS CS-2
I15 87016/1/1 Meticcia [Campania] 6 154RH, 240PS AS
N1 NL 577277 Dwarf goat [Limburg] 2–3 143HR, 240PS CS-1
N2 586632-32 Dwarf goat [Limburg] ? 240PP CS-1
N3 586632-33 Dwarf goat [Limburg] ? 143HR, 240PS CS-1
F2* FR CP40 Saanen [INRA] 4 240PS CS-1
F3 CDP1028 Saanen [Poitou] 5 240PP CS-1
F6 CP2119 Saanen [Charentes] 3–4 240PS CS-1
F10 CP/2143 Alpine [Limousin] 3–4 240PS CS-1
F11* CP2154 Saanen [Poitou] 4 142IM, 240PP CS-1
F14 CP9041 Alpine [Poitou] 6 142IM, 240PS CS-1c
F16 CP9135 Alpine [Indre] 6 240PS CS-2
ic-gtBSE1* CH1075 Saanen [INRA] ? 211RQ, 240PS BSE
S2 SP C-163P Alpine [Asturia] 6 240PS CS-1
S3 C-645P Crossbreed [Aragon] 4 240PP CS-1
G2 GR 1663 Capra prisca [Macedonia] ? 240PP CS-1c
G3 1676 Capra prisca [Macedonia] 4 143HR, 240PP CS-1
G11 GR005 Capra prisca [Larissa] 6 211RQ, 222QK CS-1
G12 GR177 Capra prisca [Larissa] 4 222QK <c
G13 GR018 Capra prisca [Larissa] 5 wt CS-1
G14 GR055 Capra prisca [Ioannina] 4 wt CS-1
G15 GR195 Capra prisca [Kozani] 2.5 222QK NEG
G16 GR091 Capra prisca [Thessaloniki] 2 wt CS-1
G17 GR247 Capra prisca [Evros] 4.6 222QK NEG
C1 CYP Zyp13 Damascus [Nicosia] 4 240PP CS-1
C2 Zyp21 Damascus [Nicosia] 5 240PP CS-1
C3 Zyp27 Damascus [Nicosia] 3 wt, 240PP CS-1
UK-A2 UK G08-1475 Anglo-NubianxSaanen [?] 4 127GS, 240PP CS-1
UK-B2 G08-1469 Anglo-NubianxSaanen [?] 8 127GS, 240PP CS-CH1641
UK-C2 G08-1460 Anglo-NubianxSaanen [?] 9 127GS, 240PP CS-1
UK-D2 G08-1446 Anglo-NubianxSaanen [?] 7 211RQ, 240PP <c
  1. Study codes will be used in the text reflecting the country of origin, I for Italy, N Netherlands, F France, S Spain, G Greece, C Cyprus, UK United Kingdom. From single holdings were only the cases from Netherlands, UK and Greek cases G13 and G16. Symbols: *, obtained after experimental infections (see “Materials and methods”). The specific tests performed on the samples, the PrPres content of the sample (when analysed in Triplex-WB) are presented in Additional file 2.
  2. aINRA, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique. ? = region of origin or age not disclosed or not known.
  3. bGenotype as defined by specific polymorphic codon positions in the goat PRNP gene. Wild type (wt) is defined as follows: 127GG, 142II, 143RR, 154RR, 211RR, 222QQ, 240SS. Unless wt genotype, only the codon positions that differ from homogenous wild type are shown.
  4. cSamples F14 and G2: probably CS-1. F14 too weak for Triplex-WB and ISS-PK methods, G2 too little amount for distribution. G12 and UK-D2: late samples, only analysed by Triplex-WB, too weak signal for analysis.