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Table 2 Amino acid differences in HA protein sequences of the H1 av N2 viruses described in this study as compared to HA residues in reference strain A/Sw/Cotes d’Armor/0388/09 (CA/388/09)

From: Virus persistence in pig herds led to successive reassortment events between swine and human influenza A viruses, resulting in the emergence of a novel triple-reassortant swine influenza virus

CA/388/09a A-11 A-12 B-14 A-16 Reported effectc
V14 Ab Ab Ab Ab
V22 I I I I
S53 N N N N Antigenic drift/escape mutant
Q68 H H H H
V74 I I
L86 S S P P
L88 P Antigenic drift/escape mutant
S154 P P P P Antigenic drift/escape mutant
S156 L L Antigenic drift/escape mutant
G172 R Antigenic drift/escape mutant and other
L178 I
K186 R R
G187 E
I192 Vb Vb Vb Vb
D202 V V
T249 I I I I
H270 Y
G277 S S S S Creates a new potential N-glycosylation site at position 275
V282 Ib Ib Ib Ib
D286 N N N N
H288 N N N
Y300 Hb Hb Hb Hb
K304 N N
S305 G G G
N306 S S S S
E319 K
G391 R R R R Virulence
S393 N N N N
I444 V V
K460 R R R R
E516 K
  1. Swine H1avN2 reassortants were abbreviated A-11 for A/Sw/France/37-110543/2011 [Farm A], A-12 for A/Sw/France/37-120345/2012 [Farm A], B-14 for A/Sw/France/61-140350/2014 [Farm B] and A-16 for A/Sw/France/37-160178/2016 [Farm A].
  2. aCA/388/09 is a reference strain representative of European swine avian-like H1avNy viruses belonging to the HA clade 1C.2.1 (after Anderson et al. [10]).
  3. bResidue fixed in French swIAV strains of avian-like H1 (H1av) lineage since 2000’.
  4. cAccording to the BII FluSurver.