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Table 1 Plasmids used in this work and their main characteristics

From: Haemophilus parasuis VtaA2 is involved in adhesion to extracellular proteins

Plasmids Description Reference
pACYC184 low copy number, CmR, TetR, 4245 bp ATCC number 37033
pLGR-vtaA2 pACYC184 with a 4016 bp insert, including vtaA2 and its promotor region This work
pLGR-vtaA2OL pACYC184 with a 2514 bp insert, including vtaA2OL and the promotor region of vtaA2 This work
pEGFP gfp, AmR Clontech
  1. Cm: chloramphenicol, Tet: tetracycline, Am: ampicillin, R: resistant.