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Figure 3

From: Effects of challenge dose and inoculation route of the virulent Neospora caninum Nc-Spain7 isolate in pregnant cattle at mid-gestation

Figure 3

Dot-plot graphs of the N. caninum burden and foetuses after inoculation with the Nc-Spain7 isolate. Each dot represents individual values of parasite burden (number of tachyzoites/mg of host tissue), and medians are represented as horizontal lines. Negative burdens (0 parasites) were represented on the log scale as a value below the detection limit of real-time PCR (0.1 tachyzoites) (i.e., 10−2). Notice the detrimental parasite burden as the dose decreased (A) and the absence of differences for both inoculation routes (IV2 vs. SC, P > 0.05) (B) for placental tissues, while the parasite burden in foetal brain samples was negatively affected by dose reduction (C) as well as by subcutaneous inoculation (SC) (D). ****P < 0.0001, **P < 0.01 and *P < 0.05.

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