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Table 2 Respiratory viruses detected in individual pigs at agricultural exhibitions

From: Assessing exhibition swine as potential disseminators of infectious disease through the detection of five respiratory pathogens at agricultural exhibitions

Pathogens detected in pigs at exhibitions Number of pigs positive (%)
n = 2862
IAV 498 (17.4)
PHEV 251 (8.8)
PPIV1 201 (7.0)
PRRSv 20 (0.7)
IDV 2 (0.07)
  1. Individual swine nasal samples from 102 agricultural exhibitions were tested for five respiratory viruses by real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction. The number of individual pigs positive for each pathogen are shown. Seven hundred eighty-five pigs tested positive for at least one pathogen. Of those, 165 pigs tested positive for > 1 pathogen.
  2. IAV: influenza A virus, PPIV1: porcine parainfluenza virus 1, PHEV: porcine hemagglutinating encephalomyelitis, PRRSv: porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus, IDV: influenza D virus.