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Table 2 Proportion of Salmonella positive samples and MPN quantification: Flock B

From: From hatch to egg grading: monitoring of Salmonella shedding in free-range egg production systems

 FloorDustNest boxEgg beltEggs
26 weeks
 Proportion0.10 ± 0.100.3 ± 0.1500.2 ± 0.130
 MPN/m21090a740.6 ± 348.9NM556.5 ± 533.5NM
  1. Data are presented for each sample type as the proportion of Salmonella positive samples (± the standard error of the mean) and most probable number (MPN) (± the standard error of the mean).
  2. aOnly a single Salmonella positive sample was obtained.