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Figure 9

From: Intraepithelial neutrophils in mammary, urinary and gall bladder infections

Figure 9

Live and apoptotic neutrophils in human urinary epithelial cells. Isolated fresh bovine blood neutrophils were placed on a monolayer of human urinary epithelial cell line 5637 grown on glass cover slides in 24 wells culture plate. After 12 h cells were fixed with PFA and imaged using TEM. Scale bars 6000 nm (A), 10 µm (B) and 2000 nm (C). Live neutrophils (white arrows in A, C) are enclosed in a double membrane compartment tethered to host cells membranes and junctional complex (red arrows in A, C and Additional file 9). Live and apoptotic neutrophils are clearly identified by their multilobulated nuclei the presence of typical glycogen granules in their cytoplasm. Apoptotic neutrophils are visible as a clear vacuole and typically displacing the nuclei of host epithelial cells (white arrow heads in A, B). All images are representative of > 3 similar experiments.

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