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Figure 7

From: Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae evades phagocytic uptake by porcine alveolar macrophages in vitro

Figure 7

External and internalised M. hyopneumoniae (pMHGFP-P97) following incubation with porcine alveolar macrophages. Confocal micrographs of macrophages incubated with M. hyopneumoniae (pMHGFP-P97) or the control, E. coli (pKENmut2), for 2, 4 and 6 h. Fluorescent stains show: macrophage actin cytoskeleton in red, nucleic acid in blue, and GFP-labelled bacteria in green. Yellow arrows indicate internal bacteria in the XYZ planes, white arrows indicate internal bacteria, and white triangles indicate external bacteria.

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