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Table 2 Predicted R. anatipestifer Yb2 proteins secreted by T9SS identified with LC–MS/MS

From: Riemerella anatipestifer GldM is required for bacterial gliding motility, protein secretion, and virulence

Locus tag Molecular mass (KDa) T9SS CTDb Proteins Predicted protein function Relative change of proteinc Relative change of proteind
AS87_RS03090 13.49 + Uncharacterized protein Unknown 6.0762 1.6765
AS87_RS06600 117.29 + Pkd domain containing protein Collagenolytic of the catalytic 0.1004 1.1848
AS87_RS07295 93.945 + Fibronectin type iii domain protein Serine-type endopeptidase activity 0.0274 0.9055
AS87_RS02625 39.812 + Endonuclease i Endonuclease activity 0.2592 0.7272
AS87_RS00980 68.225 + Metallophosphoesterase (MPPE) Acid phosphatase activity 0.0434 1.3085
AS87_RS04190 77.52 + Subtilisin-like serine protease Serine-type endopeptidase activity 0.2041 1.1190
AS87_RS03200 117.12 + Uncharacterized protein Unknown 0.0063 1.2016
AS87_RS02020 83.131 + Immunoreactive 84 kDa antigen pg93 Metal ion binding 0.3273 1.1742
AS87_RS00835 161.5 + Peptidase s8 and s53 subtilisin kexinsedolisin Serine-type endopeptidase activity 0.0045 1.2558
  1. aProteins in cell-free culture fluid from the wild-type strain Yb2, mutant strain Yb2ΔgldM and complementation strain cYb2ΔgldM were analyzed with LC–MS/MS.
  2. bT9SS CTD identified with BLASTP analysis. + Indicates that the protein has a CTD.
  3. cRelative difference in protein secretion between Yb2ΔgldM and Yb2.
  4. dRelative difference in protein secretion between cYb2ΔgldM and Yb2.