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Figure 4

From: Riemerella anatipestifer GldM is required for bacterial gliding motility, protein secretion, and virulence

Figure 4

Analysis of secreted proteins. A SDS-PAGE profile of extracellular proteins. Lane 1: wild-type strain Yb2; lane 2: mutant strain Yb2∆gldM; lane 3: complementation strain cYb2∆gldM. Strains were incubated with shaking until cultures reached an OD600 of 0.8. The same volume of concentrated cell-free supernatant from each strain was separated by SDS-PAGE, and proteins were visualized with Coomassie Brilliant Blue staining. B Determination of proteolytic activity. The error bars represent the standard deviation calculated from three independent experiments performed in triplicate (****p < 0.0001; ns, p > 0.05)

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