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Table 2 Difference of miRNAs cluster targets enrichment between female and male

From: Comprehensive analysis of miRNA profiles reveals the role of Schistosoma japonicum miRNAs at different developmental stages

Gender Stages Specific functional enrichments
Female Cluster 1 (pairing stage) Regulation of chemotaxis
Leukocyte proliferation
Cell junction organization
Regulation of epithelial to mesenchymal transition
Cluster 2 (developmental and mature stage) Response to BMP (bone morphogenetic protein)
Female pregnancy
Spermatid differentiation
Regulation of meiotic cell cycle
Cluster 3 (egg production stage) Nerve development
Chemosensory behavior
Male Cluster 1 (pairing stage) Sex differentiation
Meiotic nuclear division
Cluster 2 (developmental and mature stage) Regulation of immune effector process
Regulation of cell growth
Regulation of response to biotic stimulus
Cluster 3 (egg production stage) Cell communication by chemical coupling
Regulation of cholesterol homeostasis
Regulation of protein activation cascade
Body morphogenesis