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Table 3 Top 5 up-regulated SDE genes associated with the transcription regulator activity in virus-infected cells

From: Nuclear localization of Newcastle disease virus matrix protein promotes virus replication by affecting viral RNA synthesis and transcription and inhibiting host cell transcription

Time (hpi) Gene symbol Gene description rSS1GFP rSS1GFP-M/NLSm Molecular function
FCa P value FC P value
6 ZEB2 Zinc finger E-box binding homeobox 2 6.5 1.21E−05 1.2 2.30E−02 Transcriptional repressor activity
RARA Retinoic acid receptor alpha 5.3 6.40E−06 0.8 1.12E−03 Transcription corepressor activity
PROX1 Prospero homeobox 1 3.2 4.00E−04 0.4 1.51E−02 Negative regulation of transcription
12 AHRR Aryl hydrocarbon receptor repressor 10.2 4.21E−08 2.3 3.32E−03 Protein heterodimerization activity
ETS2 ETS proto-oncogene 2 8.4 3.82E−07 1.4 2.12E−02 Transcription repressor activity
KLF11 Kruppel like factor 11 7.6 1.09E−07 3.6 5.16E−04 Negative regulation of transcription
HDAC9 Histone deacetylase 9 7.1 2.67E−06 2.7 4.11E−02 Transcription corepressor activity
SAMD4A Sterile alpha motif domain containing 4A 5.8 3.23E−06 0.6 1.15E−02 Transcription repressor activity
18 PROX1 Prospero homeobox 1 9.6 4.12E−07 2.2 5.43E−03 Negative regulation of transcription
PAIP2 Poly(A) binding protein interacting protein 2 8.3 2.54E−05 1.8 2.80E−02 Transcription repressor activity
ETV3 ETS variant 3 6.4 3.81E−06 3.1 4.78E−04 Repressing transcription factor binding
RUNX2 Runt related transcription factor 2 6.2 2.41E−03 1.4 3.05E−03 Transcription corepressor activity
CCAR1 Cell division cycle and apoptosis regulator 1 5.8 1.22E−04 2.0 1.63E−02 Transcription corepressor activity
  1. aFC: fold change in expression levels relative to those of uninfected cells. Only three SDE genes were found in rSS1GFP -infected cells at 6 hpi.