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Figure 3

From: Weakly haemolytic variants of Brachyspira hyodysenteriae newly emerged in Europe belong to a distinct subclade with unique genetic properties

Figure 3

Chromosomal arrangement of genes in B. hyodysenteriae showing differences between strongly and whBh. B. hyodysenteriae genes are labelled according to the locus tag in the reference strain B. hyodysenteriae WA1 (Accession number NC_012225). Genes have been coloured to indicate intact genes in blue and pseudogenes in red. CDSs identified as significantly associated with haemolysis phenotype by gene-based and SNP-based genome-wide association studies are indicated with an asterisk (*) and dagger (†) respectively. Isolates WA1, JR20, and BH30 are presented as exemplar strongly haemolytic isolates. D28, BH23 and JR63 are presented as exemplar weakly haemolytic isolates. Regions of sequence similarity between isolates are shown by grey shading. Image generated using EasyFig [54].

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