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Figure 1

From: Weakly haemolytic variants of Brachyspira hyodysenteriae newly emerged in Europe belong to a distinct subclade with unique genetic properties

Figure 1

A phylogenetic construction of B. hyodysenteriae isolates using a maximum-likelihood tree. The 39 field isolates sequenced in this project are indicated with red font and have been included together with 77 published B. hyodysenteriae genomes. The sub-clade of weakly haemolytic isolates is indicated by red branches and for each weakly haemolytic isolate, the farm of origin (inner circle), sequence type (middle circle), and clone (outer circle) are presented in a colour-coded manner, as indicated in the figure legend and summarised in Table 1. The respective tree node of the sub-clade of weakly haemolytic isolates was supported with a bootstrap value of 100%. Image generated using the interactive Tree Of Life (iTOL) [53].

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