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Figure 8

From: A balanced game: chicken macrophage response to ALV-J infection

Figure 8

Overexpression of CISH, EX-FABP, IL4I1 and SOCS3 could enhance ALV-J replication. MDM cells were transfected with plasmids including EGFP, CISH, EX-FABP, IL4I1 and SOCS3 and infected with SCAU-HN06 at 24 post-transfection. A, B The level of SCAU-HN06 strain envelop protein was detected by Western blot at 3 hpi and analyzed by Image Studio Ver 5.2 (Odyssey Fc). (C) The expression of SCAU-HN06 env gene was detected by qPCR at 3 hpi. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01.

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