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Table 4 Expression change of ssc - miR - 296 - 5p in porcine spleens after PCV2 infection

From: Suppression of lymphocyte apoptosis in spleen by CXCL13 after porcine circovirus type 2 infection and regulatory mechanism of CXCL13 expression in pigs

Gene LW-u LW-i Fold change
(LW-i vs LW-u)
YL-u YL-i Fold change
(YL-i vs YL-u)
Ssc-miR-296-5p 0.425 ± 0.083 0.461 ± 0.016 1.08 0.554 ± 0.092 0.705 ± 0.109 1.27
  1. The expression pattern of ssc-miR-296-5p was confirmed by RT-qPCR in LW and YL pigs. The 5S rRNA was used as an internal control. Data are represented as the mean value ± SE of three experiments.