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Figure 1

From: Regulators of Salmonella-host interaction identified by peripheral blood transcriptome profiling: roles of TGFB1 and TRP53 in intracellular Salmonella replication in pigs

Figure 1

Numbers of differentially expressed genes. A Summary of differentially expressed transcripts responding to Salmonella inoculation (2 dpi/d0, 7 dpi/d0, 7 dpi/2 dpi), or expression showing time effect. B Comparison of differentially expressed gene counts in LS/PS animals as reported by Huang et al. [25]. These genes were identified using the linear mixed model, and the false discovery rate (FDR) was controlled at less than 0.05, with the fold change between time points required to be higher than 1.5 or less than 0.67.

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