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Table 4 Transmission of TgBo-passaged Sh294 to wild-type mice

From: Interspecies transmission to bovinized transgenic mice uncovers new features of a CH1641-like scrapie isolate

Source Recipient Passage # Survival perioda n/n bo
TgBoPrP mouse brain infected with Sh294 ICR 1 807 ± 46.9 7/20
2 515 ± 33.6* 6/6c
3 453 ± 40.4* 8/8d
Sheep brain infected with L-BSE ICRf 1 710d 1/15e
2 680 ± 20.2 7/9
3 702 ± 29.5 9/11
  1. aSurvival periods are shown as mean survival days ± standard deviation.
  2. bNumber of PrPres-positive mice out of the total number of challenged mice.
  3. cTwo out of six mice were suddenly dead without any clinical signs at 477th and 552th day. The other four mice developed clinical signs of the disease, such as emaciation, rough fur and kyphosis.
  4. dTwo out of eight inoculated mice were suddenly dead without any clinical signs at 377th and 441th day, respectively. The other six mice developed the same clinical signs as above.
  5. eThe data for the 1st passage obtained from our previous study shown in the reference (20).
  6. fICR mice infected sheep-passaged L-BSE did not show any clinical even at the 3rd passage.
  7. P < 0.05.