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Table 1 RNAi pathway components identified in the Psoroptes ovis genome

From: Gene silencing by RNA interference in the ectoparasitic mite, Psoroptes ovis

Gene family (Organism) Accession IDa P. ovis gene IDb Gene number Top blast hit E-value
Small RNA biosynthesis
 Dicer (T. urticae) tetur19g00520; tetur07g00990 psovi14g04930; psovi280g04020; psovi298g00280
psovi14g04950; psovi280g04030; psovi14g04940
6 7e−117
 Drosha (T. urticae) tetur12g00910 psovi45g00290 1 0.0
 drh-1 (C. elegans) F15B10.2 psovi288g01850; psovi14g00590; psovi288g01290 3 2e−11
 Exportin-5 (T. urticae) tetur02g00520; tetur02g00500 psovi17g08260 1 2e−05
 Loquacious (T. urticae) tetur13g00430; tetur13g00410 psovi14g10890; psovi292g01850; psovi283g06140 3 1e−31
 Pasha (T. urticae) tetur36g00220; tetur36g00250 psovi05g03810 1 1e−161
 xpo-1 (C. elegans) ZK742.1 psovi36g04430 1 0.0
 xpo-2 (T. urticae) tetur18g01350 psovi09g00130; psovi52g00090 2 0.0
RNA induced silencing complex (RISC) components
 ain-2 (C. elegans) B0041.2 psovi 298g00740 1 4e−04
 C3P0 (Tribolum castaneum) ABX72055 N/A N/A N/A
 R2d2 (D. melanogaster) NP_001285720.1 N/A N/A N/A
 tsn-1 (C. elegans) F10G7.2 psovi90g00040 1 4e−123
 vig-1 (T. urticae) tetur22g01310 psovi301g01900 1 9e−22
RNAi inhibitors
 adr-2 (C. elegans) T20H4.4 psovi280g06440 1 9e−24
 eri-1 (C. elegans) T07A9.5 psovi17g06910 1 6e−28
 eri-6/7 (C. elegans) C41D11.1 psovi286g03350; psovi66g00290; psovi286g02110; psovi05g05100 4 9e−32
 xrn-1 (C. elegans) Y39G8C.1 psovi283g01010 1 0.0
 xrn-2 (T. urticae) tetur25g00400 psovi17g08800 1 0.0
dsRNA uptake and spreading
 GW182 (T. urticae) tetur05g07970; tetur09g00260 psovi294g01730; psovi17g04680 2 1e−18
 rsd-3 (C. elegans) C34E11.1 psovi22g08140; psovi20g00980 2 4e−41
Secondary amplification
 RdRP (T. urticae) tetur02g08750; tetur02g08760; tetur02g08780; tetur02g08810
psovi20g00680; psovi69g00210; psovi14g08400 3 1e−61
Nuclear effectors
 cid-1 (C. elegans)   psovi280g05740; psovi22g06910; psovi17g01850
psovi40g00030; psovi08g01430; psovi38g00730
psovi35g01570; psovi33g01410; psovi283g04640
psovi26g00430; psovi08g01710
11 3e−09
 gfl-1 (C. elegans) M04B2.3 psovi14g08490; psovi283g02390 2 2e−41
 mes-2 (C. elegans) R06A4.7 psovi17g07450; psovi283g06100; psovi301g02970
psovi05g04620; psovi05g01520; psovi58g00680
6 3e−56
 mes-6 (C. elegans) C09G4.5 psovi280g00380; psovi14g10140 2 7e−12
 mut-2 (C. elegans) K04F10.6 psovi44g00310 1 2e−10
 mut-16 (C. elegans) B0379.3 psovi33g00580 1 5e−04
 rha-1 (C. elegans) T07D4.3 psovi45g00690; psovi14g03610; psovi22g06890
psovi26g00980; psovi17g03400; psovi22g00930
psovi43g00020; psovi14g10090; psovi298g00430
9 2e−128
 zfp-1 (C. elegans) F54F2.2 psovi26g03300; psovi17g07470; psovi09g00270; psovi294g01700; psovi09g02230 5 4e−54
RISC—argonaute/piwi proteins
 Argonaute (T. urticae; D. farinae) tetur20g02910; tetur09g03140
tetur09g00620; tetur02g10560
tetur02g10580; tetur04g01190
tetur02g10570; KY794591; KY794592
psovi295g00210 1 0.0
 D. farinae Divergent Ago Clade KY794593; KY794594; KY794598; KY794596; KY794597; KY794598 psovi280g02500; psovi280g02490; psovi26g02770; psovi294g02030; psovi302g00450 5 0.0
 P. ovis Divergent Ago Clade N/A psovi14g07720; psovi14g07690; psovi14g07730; psovi14g07700; psovi14g07710; psovi63g00040 6 N/A
 Piwi (T. urticae) tetur06g03300
tetur28g00450; tetur28g00340
tetur06g05570; tetur06g05580
tetur06g05600; tetur17g03380
 nrde-1 (T. urticae) tetur21g02920 psovi17g01230 1 5e−71
  1. aTetranychus urticae accession numbers from Grbic et al. [47] (in format tetur00g00000).
  2. bPsoroptes ovis accession numbers (in format psovi00g00000).