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Table 2 Protective efficacy of orally administered SG-based S1 vaccine (JOL2077) in brown nick layer chickens

From: Oral immunization with a novel attenuated Salmonella Gallinarum encoding infectious bronchitis virus spike protein induces protective immune responses against fowl typhoid and infectious bronchitis in chickens

Groups Recovery of virus from trachea
No. positive/no. tested
% protectiona
PBS 6/6 0
JOL2068 6/6 0
JOL2077 2/6 66.7
  1. Chickens were challenged with virulent IBV strain nasally at 4 weeks post-vaccination. The challenged virus was isolated from the trachea at 6th day post-challenge and the immunoprotection efficacy was assayed.
  2. aPercent protection was determined as the number of positive chickens/total number of chickens.