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Table 3 Indicator values of statistically significant genera in relation to clinical status (healthy vs. metritis) in post-partum cows

From: Microbial communities and inflammatory response in the endometrium differ between normal and metritic dairy cows at 5–10 days post-partum

Genus Phylum Clinical status Indicator value P value
Fusobacterium Fusobacteria Metritis 74 0.019
Propionibacterium Actinobacteria Healthy 65.4 0.011
Bacteroides Bacteroidetes Metritis 63.4 0.002
Acinetobacter Proteobacteria Healthy 60.8 0.012
Cupriavidus Proteobacteria Healthy 60.7 0.011
Porphyromonas Bacteroidetes Metritis 52.9 0.048
  1. Indicator value (IV) is an asymmetric index [48], used in this study to associate bacterial genera to cow clinical status, based on abundance and prevalence. The more abundant and prevalent the genus is in one group with a defined clinical status compared to the other, the higher the IV.