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Table 1 Licensed products for passive immunization of ruminants, horses and pigs.

From: The potential for immunoglobulins and host defense peptides (HDPs) to reduce the use of antibiotics in animal production

Product type Animal Disease prevention/targeted pathogens Immunoglobulin type/origin Administration (oral/parenteral)
E. coli specific antibodies Calves Scour Bovine colostrum IgG/IgY Oral
Antibacterial bovine serum antibodies Cattle Arcanobacterium pyogenes Bovine serum Parenteral
Calves E. coli   
Sheep Mannheimia haemolytica
Pasteurella multocida
Salmonella typhimurium
Clostridial antitoxins Cattle Clostridium perfringens Equine Ig Parenteral (sc and iv)
Calves C&D   
Goats Clostridium botulinum   
Sheep C&B   
Tetanus antitoxin Horses Tetanus Equine serum Parenteral
Anti-West Nile virus antibodies Horses West Nile virus Equine Ig Parenteral
Anti-endotoxin antibodies Horses Septicaemia Equine plasma from hyper-immune horses Parenteral
Antibacterial plasma antibodies Horses Rhodococcus equi E. coli J-5 Equine plasma from hyper-immune horses Parenteral
Equine plasma Horses Failure of passive transfer Equine plasma  
  1. Reproduced with permission from Hedegaard et al. [18]