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Table 1 Scoring system for identification of histologic lesions by H&E staining

From: Resilience to infection by Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis following direct intestinal inoculation in calves

Score Definition
0a None
1b Focal granulomatous inflammation (lamina propria or subcortical sinus, cortex only)
2c Multifocal to coalescing granulomatous inflammation (lamina propria or subcortical sinus or cortex only)
3 Coalescing/diffuse granulomatous inflammation (lamina propria, subcortical sinus, cortex)
4d Coalescing/diffuse granulomatous inflammation (extending into submucosa or medulla)
5 Coalescing/diffuse lesions extending deeply into submucosa ± lymphangitis
  1. a Scores of 0 were classified as within normal limits.
  2. b Scores of 1 were classified as mild lesions.
  3. c Scores of 2–3 were classified as moderate lesions.
  4. d Scores of 4–5 were classified as severe lesions.