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Table 3 Four main gene ontology (GO) functions, identified as biological processes, of differentially expressed (DE) genes of Mycoplasma suis infected pigs

From: RNA-Seq based transcriptome of whole blood from immunocompetent pigs (Sus scrofa) experimentally infected with Mycoplasma suis strain Illinois

Biological processa Number of DE genes Gene symbolb
Inflammatory response 9 CCR5, CYBB, IDO1, TLR8, CASP4, CASP1, CXCL10, AIF1, CD180
Immune response 5 CCR5, TLR8, CCL8, CXCL10, PDL1
Apoptotic process 5 CASP4, BCL2L14, CASP1, AIF1, MERTK
Proteolysis 6 C2, C1-INH, CASP4, CASP1, LAP3, PRCP
Cellular response to lipopolysaccharide 4 CCR5, HAVCR2, CXCL10, CD180
  1. aBiological processes were identified by Blast2GO bioinformatics tool [39].
  2. bDescriptions of each gene are listed on Additional file 4.