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Table 1 A list of current names and proposed new, phylogenetically derived names for lagoviruses according to Le Pendu et al. [ 3 ] referred to in this manuscript

From: Elucidation of the pathology and tissue distribution of Lagovirus europaeus GI.2/RHDV2 (rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus 2) in young and adult rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Current name Proposed new name [3]
Rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) Lagovirus europaeus GI.1
RHDVa Lagovirus europaeus GI.1a
RHDV G1 Lagovirus europaeus GI.1b
RHDV2 or RHDVb Lagovirus europaeus GI.2
Recombinant of RHDV G1 and RHDV2, recombination break point between the polymerase and capsid coding regions Lagovirus europaeus GI.1bP–GI.2