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Table 1 CyHV-3 strains

From: Genomic and biologic comparisons of cyprinid herpesvirus 3 strains

Namea Geographic origin GenBank accession number References
FL Belgium MG925487 [45]
M3 Belgium MG925490 [46]
I Israel MG925489 [46]
Cavoy Israel MG925485 [19,20,21]
E United Kingdom MG925486 [47]
T Taiwan MG925491 [47]
GZ11-SC China MG925488 [6]
U USA DQ657948.1 [7]
KHV-I Israel DQ177346.1 [7]
J Japan AP008984.1 [7]
GZ11 China KJ627438.1 [6]
  1. a The first seven viral strains listed were used in this study.