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Figure 5

From: Detection of PrPBSE and prion infectivity in the ileal Peyer’s patch of young calves as early as 2 months after oral challenge with classical bovine spongiform encephalopathy

Figure 5

PrP BSE amplification by PMCA in IPP samples. PMCA detected PrPBSE in the IPP of calves starting from 2 mpi; each sample was analysed in duplicate and subjected to three rounds of PMCA; M: marker, R0: analyte homogenate diluted 1:10 in Tgbov XV brain substrate without sonication; A WAIT 15 (2 mpi), PrPBSE was detectable in the IPP of one calf as early as 2 months after oral challenge; B WAIT 11 (4 mpi), one IPP of a calf 4 mpi revealed a negative result; C WAIT 03 (8 mpi), all three PMCA rounds are positive for PrPBSE.

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