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Table 2 Candidate immunogen list

From: Identification and characterization of serovar-independent immunogens in Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae

Protein Accession Number (NCBI) Function/putative role in virulence
ApfA YP_001053581.1 Fimbrial subunit protein, demonstrated role in A. pleuropneumoniae colonization and virulence [56]
APP7_2042 WP_005616333.1 Putative ligand-gated iron transporter
HecB ACE61667.1 Hemolysin activation protein and putative virulence factor in Arcobacter butzleri [67]
HgbA YP_001053746.1 Hemoglobin binding protein, A. pleuropneumoniae ΔhgbA mutants exhibit an attenuated virulence [54]
Irp ABN74015.1 Iron-regulated OM receptor/transporter possibly involved in hemin transport, upregulated in A. pleuropneumoniae after colonisation [58]
OstA YP_001053661.1 Organic solvent tolerance protein in Helicobacter pilori. OstA inactivation causes altered membrane permeability, sensitivity to organic solvent and susceptibility to antibiotics [68]
PepN ABN74424.1 Multi-subunit transmembrane metalloprotease able to degrade porcine IgA and IgG, expressed during A. pleuropneumoniae infection in vivo [55]
SlyB ABN73145.1 Outer membrane lipoprotein, contributes to cell envelope integrity in Burkholderia multivorans [69] and is linked to the stress response to Mg2 + depletion [70]
VacJ YP_001054603.1 OM lipoprotein, Pasteurella multocida VacJ protein moderately immunogenic and protective when inoculated in vivo [63]
  1. NCBI accession numbers are provided.