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Table 1 Summary of samples, methods and results on hares

From: Large-scale lagovirus disease outbreaks in European brown hares (Lepus europaeus) in France caused by RHDV2 strains spatially shared with rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Objective Sample size Collection period Methods used Virus strains
Detection and molecular characterization of RHDV2 in hares 50a 01/2013 to 02/2015 RT-PCRs U38/EBHS9 and VP60, search for recombinant strains (RT-PCR 1U/1L), sequencing 7 RHDV2 (of which 3 recombinant strains and 1 coinfection RHDV2/EBHSV)
Relative proportion of RHDV2 and EBHSV in lagovirus infections 208a 2015 rRT-PCR RHDV2 and rRT-PCR EBHSV 32 RHDV2, 54 EBHSV and 1 coinfection RHDV2/EBHSV
  1. Complete information on the lagovirus positive samples is reported in the Additional files 1 and 2.
  2. aTen samples have been used for both objectives.