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Table 1 Expression and functionality profiles of recombinant influenza hemagglutinin and S·Protein variants

From: Neutralizing immune responses induced by oligomeric H5N1-hemagglutinins from plants

Proteins Protein expression confirmed by Western blot Hemagglutination unit (HAU)
Plant extracts containing each single recombinant protein Combination with H5-S·Tag in vitro
H5-S·Tag (+) 0  
S·Protein (+) 0 0
S·Protein-pII (+) 0 0
S·Protein-GCN4 (+) 0 0
S·Protein-TP (+) 0 0
  1. Each single protein was transiently expressed in plants. The expression of proteins was confirmed by Western blot. Plant extracts containing S·Protein variants were combined with the H5-S·Tag containing plant extract in vitro. Mixtures were rotated at 4 °C for 1 h. The oligomer formation of all variants was investigated by hemagglutination assay. (+): expression of a single protein confirmed by Western blot.