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Figure 4

From: Acquisition of resistance to avian leukosis virus subgroup B through mutations on tvb cysteine-rich domains in DF-1 chicken fibroblasts

Figure 4

Analysis of deduced amino acid sequences of tvb -modified DF-1 clones. A Sequence alignment of human DR5 TRAIL receptor (NP_003833.4), mouse Tnfrsf10b (NP_064671.2), western clawed frog tnfrsf10b (NP_001004894.1) and chicken TVBS1 (NP_989446.2). Blue boxes indicate cysteine-rich domains (CRDs) and death domains (DDs); shaded boxes indicated similarities among amino acid sequences. Asterisks indicate conserved cysteine residues. B Sequence alignment of deduced amino acids in tvb-modified DF-1 clones. Red boxes indicate conserved cysteine residues, and numbers indicate the order of the amino acids in TVB proteins. Asterisks indicate stop codons. WT with tvb s1, tvb s3 and tvb r genotypes were used as the control.

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