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Table 1 Classification of bacteriocins and their major features

From: Antimicrobial potential of bacteriocins in poultry and swine production

Class Subclass Example Features
I (lantibiotic) Ia (linear) Nisin A • MW < 5 kDa
• Linear peptide
• Presence of modified amino acids (lanthionine, methylanthionine)
• Heat-stable
Ib (globular) Suicin 3908
Ic (multi-components) Lacticin 3147
II (non-lantibiotic) IIa (pediocin-like) Pediocin PA-1 • MW < 10 kDa
• Linear peptide
• Absence of modified amino acids
• Heat-stable
IIb (miscellaneous)a Aureocin A53
IIc (multi-components) Lactococcin G
III IIIa (bacteriolytic) Lysostaphin • MW > 25 kDa
• Linear peptide
• Heat-sensitive
IIIb (non-lytic) Helveticin J
IV None Enterocin AS-48 • MW < 8 kDa
• Cyclic peptide
  1. aThis subclass includes bacteriocins with distinct features.