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Table 2 Mutations in glycosyltransferase, side-chain formation, wzy and wzx genes of serotype 2 or 1/2 representative strains and a serotype 27 strain

From: Genotyping and investigating capsular polysaccharide synthesis gene loci of non-serotypeable Streptococcus suis isolated from diseased pigs in Canada

Strain Affected gene(s) Types of mutations Affected nucleotide(s) [Affected amino acid]
1827702 cps2E Missense A61G [Thr21Ala]
cps2I Insertion IS element: 33 bp
cps2N Deletion 27 bp
1090772 cps2E Missense A61G [Thr21Ala]
cps2F Missense A149G [Asp50Gly]
  Missense A1047T [Leu349Phe]
cps2I Insertion IS element: 33 bp
cps2N Deletion 27 bp
cps2O Missense C859A [Arg287Ser]
1160406 cps27E Missense A506G [Asp169Gly]
  Missense T508A [Ser170Thr]
  Missense A513T [Glu171Asp]
  Missense A522T [Lys174Asn]
  Missense A524T A525T [Lys175Ile]
  Missense A541C C543G [Ile181Leu]
  Missense A553G [Ile185Val]
  Missense G617T T618G [Ser206Met]
   Missense A623T [Tyr208Phe]
  Missense T633G [Leu211Val]
  Missense C640T A642C [Leu214Phe]
  Missense A651T [Glu217Asp]
  Missense C692T [Ser231Leu]
  Missense G706A A708G [Ala236Thr]
  Missense G874A A876T [Val292Ile]
  Missense T905C [Val302Ala]
  Missense A922C A924G [Lys308Gln]
  Missense A941C G942A [Lys314Thr]
  Missense A967G [Ile323Val]
  Missense A997C G999C [Met333Leu]
  Missense G1000A C1001G T1002C [Ala334Ser]
  Missense A1174C A1175G [Lys392Arg]
  Missense G1186A G1187T T1188G [Gly396Met]
  Missense A1272C [Glu424Asp]
  Missense A1279C A1280G [Lys427Arg]
  Missense G1288T T1290A [Val430Leu]
  Missense A1292C [Glu431Ala]
  Missense G1324A A1326T [Val442Ile]
  Missense A1357T T1359G [Ile453Leu]
  Missense A1360T A1361T [Lys454Leu]
cps27F Deletion 27 bp
  Missense A662T [His221Leu]
cps27G Insertion IS element: 21 bp
cps27I Missense G483C [Trp161Cys]
  Missense C513A [Asp171Glu]
  Missense A611G [Gln204Arg]
cps27L Deletion 57 bp
cps27M Missense C1373T C1374T [Ala458Val]
  Missense C1375T [Leu459Phe]