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Table 2 Impact of CT occurrence on piglet production, piglet mortality and the splay legs syndrome

From: Congenital infection with atypical porcine pestivirus (APPV) is associated with disease and viral persistence

Farm WP/S/Y before OCT WP/S/Y during OCT Mortality of CT-affected piglets Splay legs observed in CT-affected piglets
A 25.5–26.5 23.57 Up to 30% Yes
B 24.5 17.2–19.6 i.d. No
C 25.6 22.8–24.0 i.d. Yes
D 26.2 26.0 0.6% No
E 26.5 23.45–23.86 Up to 25% Yes
F 2013a (2016) i.d. (24.1) i.d. (24.0–24.05) i.d. (<0.6) i.d. (no)
G i.d. i.d. i.d. i.d.
  1. WP/S/Y: weaned piglets per sow and year; OCT: occurrence of congenital tremor; CT: congenital tremor; i.d.: indeterminate, due to inexistent or inconsistent records.
  2. a Material was investigated retrospectively and therefor no accompanying data available.