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Table 2 Summary of the number of transcript regulated in PBMCs at 6 weeks post-vaccination

From: Distinct functional enrichment of transcriptional signatures in pigs with high and low IFN-gamma responses after vaccination with a porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV)

Group Treatment Comparator Up-regulated transcripts
Down-regulated transcripts
Total genes
High responder (HR) Medium (mock) Unvaccinated pigs 7 22 29
Low responder (LR)
Medium (mock) Unvaccinated pigs 18 109 127
High responder (HR) PHA Unvaccinated pigs + PHA 3 11 14
Low responder (LR)
PHA Unvaccinated pigs + PHA 4 20 24
High responder (HR) PRRSV-vaccine Unvaccinated pigs + vaccine ns ns ns
Low responder (LR) PRRSV-vaccine Unvaccinated pigs + vaccine ns ns ns
  1. Non-redundant transcripts with ANOVA P value < 0.001 and a FDR < 0.2 were showed. Details of the genes for which changes in transcript levels were observed are presented in Additional file 1 which shows gene symbols, P values and fold changes.
  2. ns: no statistically significant differences were detected between groups, HR: High responder group, LR: Low responder group.
  3. FDR < 0.2, P < 0.001.