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Figure 3

From: Helicobacter suis affects the health and function of porcine gastric parietal cells

Figure 3

Effect of H. suis on parietal cell viability. Parietal cells were treated with live H. suis (MOI: 100:1, 200:1) or whole bacterial lysate (100 µg/mL, 200 µg/mL), and control cells were treated with HBSS. After 24 h, cell viability was determined by a neutral red assay. Results of one representative experiment (out of 3 performed in total) are shown (n = 5). An * represents a statistically significant difference between bacteria or lysate treated cells and HBSS treated cells (Student t test, p < 0.05). MOI: multiplicity of infection; HBSS: Hank’s buffered salt solution.

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